The Heights

by Nick Swan



My humble tribute to the Washington Heights neighborhood in NYC, where I lived for a few years.


released August 8, 2010

Nick Swan - guitars, vocals, keys on "Cloisters"
Renato Buchert - keys on "Stay" and "When Night Falls on Washington Heights



all rights reserved


Nick Swan Nashville, Tennessee

I play guitar. And sing. And write songs. And drink. And swim. Like a swan.

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Track Name: Stay
"Stay" by: Nick Swan

Well I can't tell you to stay
But I don't want you to go
There's no easy way to say
But I gotta let you know
So I'll tell you how I feel
Once and for all
I want you to stay... Ooh Ooh (3x)
Girl with me...

Baby don't you make walk away
I did not mean to piss you off
I just have a certain way
Of making fun of how you talk
I will promise how to tease
When you're not smart


Bridge - Dm-F - Ooooh....

Baby don't you make that face
It makes me crazy when you pout
How bout a kiss for old time's sake?
Girl you know what I'm about
I'm begging please
I'm on my knees


End - Cha cha cha
Track Name: No Hablo Espanol
"No Hablo Espanol" by: Nick Swan

Well the times they are a changin'
Winds are blowing from the south
People coming up from Mexico
To America they're bound
Now I don't mind the diversity
I love tacos in my mouth
But no hablo espanol

Well I tried to learn in high school
But it never seemed to stick
Foreign languages are difficult
Like making fire with a stick
I even went to Cancun, Mexico
But I just wound up drunk and sick
And no hablo espanol

Ooooh... How I wish that I spoke Spanish
I could charm the senoritas
With my grasp of romance language
Ooooh... But I only know the English
So I'll have to play guittara
Like Santana with Rob Thomas

(Guitar solo)

To all my boys back in the kitchen
I sure do wish that we could talk
We could rap over cervezas
Making jokes about your boss
But it probably won't happen
Cause I'm from America
And no hablo espanol
No hablo espanol
I don't speak no Spanglish, man
Track Name: When Night Falls on Washington Heights
“When Night Falls on Washington Heights” by: Nick Swan

When the sun goes down on the northwest side, all the pretty ladies come round
The air gets cooler and the lights go down, all the bars are getting their crowd
When the bridge gets covered in light, and you know the stars they’re shinin out bright
It just feels right… When night falls on Washington Heights

Well the sweet senoritas drink the Red Room wine – Manny keeps the music up loud
The old folks at Reynolds drink til closin time, no one leaves until the last round
You know Jins stays open all night, just to give the drunk folks one last bite
It just feels right… When night falls on Washington Heights

Oh… The days are long
Oh… But not for long
As I walk along I wonder where we’ll go together while the night is young
Where the beer flows just like wine and you know we’ll all have a real good time
It just feels right… When night falls on Washington Heights

Na na na…
Track Name: Cloisters
Track Name: Noche Mi Amor
“Noche Mi Amor” By: Nick Swan

Now the night’s drawing to a close
Noche mi amor… Goodnight, my love
Just one kiss, ‘fore I take you home
Noche mi amor… Goodnight, my love

Oh… How the time it went so fast
Oh… How I wish that it would last
Now the stars are shining up above
Noche mi amor… Goodnight, my love

Watch the lights go out on the street
Noche mi amor… Goodnight, my love
Think of me ‘fore you go to sleep
Noche mi amor… Goodnight, my love

Oh… How I long to touch you so
Oh… Say you’ll come back again tomor-row…
Now I’ll wait ‘til we meet again
Noche mi amor… Goodnight, my love

Oh… Watch the sun begin to set
Oh… As I kiss your sleepy head
Now we lay ourselves down to sleep
Noche mi amor… Goodnight, my love